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Imagen de Surfing Tunnel
Approval level: 80%
Updated : 2012-02-03
Downloads this week: 0
Times recommended: 0
Category: Windows Tools
SubCategory: Security and Privacy
Type: Shareware
Size: 2.450kb.
Language: Program in English or Multilanguage   

"Protect your privacy while you browse the Internet."

If you care about your security when browsing the Internet, Surfing Tunnel offers a tool to surf the net anonymously.

This is a complete tool that works as a personal proxy which provides an encrypted connection to the network. Internet access through Tunnel Surfing brings many benefits such as protecting personal information (privacy), the ability to access websites blocked by your ISP company, hide your location from which you are navigating and changing your IP address at random.

In addition, having Surfing Tunnel in your browser won't store temporary files that are generated when surfing the Internet, such as cookies, cache, logs, etc., always cleaning itself when you close the browser. Although with Surfing Tunnel the speed of your Internet connection will be a little slower, you'll see that it's worth it to surf anonymously.

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